Double Down On Your American Dream... And Live An Exceptional Life!
the American Dream Playbook
The American Dream is more than a cliché. It’s a calling, and the call can be answered by anyone who is willing to work for it. Whether you’re a person looking to dream bigger, live better, or make an impact, you must have the wisdom, skills, and tools to turn your dreams into reality. This roadmap takes the guesswork out of charting your journey, and gives you the exact, step-by-step strategy to realize YOUR American Dream.
what you'll Learn:
  • ​How focusing on goals is actually the wrong approach to success... Do this one thing instead, and watch your dreams morph into reality
  • ​Discover how to transform negativity into the perfect fuel for propelling you to your dream
  • ​Why action steps are the key to systematically achieving your desired results... And how to figure out what your action steps should be
  • ​The 4 questions you need to ask yourself in order to determine your crucial "WHY"
  • ​How the "Perfect Day Exercise" visualization technique supercharges your clarity and focus 
  • ​Why having an accountability partner, coach or mentor is so critical for success
  • ​The 9 Most Effective Daily Habits for winning the day, every day
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